Don't Feed the Trolls

The Grind Athletics stands for a culture of hard work. Of paying your dues. We don't believe in shortcuts. We don't believe in the easy way. Hell, if it was easy, most've us wouldn't even be interested in acquiring it. Hard work works. Period. We find as much reward in the process as in the prize. We embrace the pain, discipline and sacrifice because we know it is building us into even bigger mental and physical beasts. Every damn day we grind; alone, in the dark, no matter who is watching. Time is all we need. We are internally driven and internally disciplined.

You might not be a millionaire...yet. You might not have your dream physique...yet. You might not be where you want to be in life....yet. But, if you can say that you are grinding every damn day to get inches closer to your goals, than you are part of the Grind Culture and Grind Family. Welcome home.

My mission is to provide consistent, positive, motivating and yes, a little bit of aggressive reinforcement in your face about what it takes to win in life. I tell the truth. I shoot straight. Most of my experience comes from my mileage. I am 40 years old. I started at the front desk of a gym when I was 18 and ended up as the Vice President of 10 Gold's Gyms. Talk about starting at the bottom and paying your dues. I've spent 22 years in the trenches of bodybuilding too, putting 100 lbs on my skinny frame. I know a thing or two about paying dues.....

Anyway, I digress, Now that we established our culture, I want to talk about negativity, losers, and the word "HATERS." Let me start off by saying that I despise the word "haters." Even more so, I despise the hashtag used on social media #hatersgonnahate, or anything else similar. If this is you, sorry not sorry. I accept losing a follower and believer in The Grind Athletics. But before you write me off, hear me out. It's going to hurt a little bit more at first, but at the end you might feel differently. Hint hint: constructive criticism.

Talking about your haters is stupid. It's negative. It 100% serves no purpose. It makes you look ridiculously foolish too, it really does. Face the facts: It's a cold and cruel world. Besides your Mother and Father, both of whom are genetically wired to love you unconditionally no matter how much you screw up or suck at life, not everyone else will. How you respond to them is EVERYTHING!

Before we talk about that though, let's dissect the difference in hating versus constructive criticism. Constructive criticism, though painful at times, most always comes from someone more successful than you or someone who has been through similar trials and tribulations. Usually they will contact you in a private form and fashion. That right there proves they are only trying to help. They have mileage to their knowledge and have decided to invest in you. Be blessed and listen.

On the flip side, haters serve no real purpose. They aren't looking to invest in you. Interestingly enough, they often blast you publicly. They seek to hurt you. Embarrass you. Here is how you can identify a hater real quick; by their lack of any real success. Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? I haven't. Though they won't be green like a cricket, they act just like one. They chirp real loud in the distance, but as soon as you get close, they realize they are in the presence of driven greatness and they quiet down real quick.

If you don't like the hatred, negativity and nonsense they are putting out, then DON'T FEED THE TROLLS! Take away the fuel. The fire. The power. That, ladies and gentleman, is YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION! Simply delete their contact info from your phone. Block and unfollow on social media. Don't talk about them, focus on them, or keep up on them. Don't engage at all. Hell, if you run into them, smile, say hello and wish them well. It'll make them hate themselves even more.

Personal growth is everything. I know you want to set them straight. You want to blast them. You are baffled as to how in the world their perspective is so twisted. But you cannot reason with or change a hater. Why? Because they don't even like themselves!! They live for drama. They are not happy unless drama surrounds them. They have so little going on in their own life that they focus on yours. We've all got them. I call them fans. If you don't like me and you follow me, that makes you a fan. If I block you and unfollow you and you still check out my page or keep tabs on me, then you are a raving fan. 

In life, people will copy you. They will trash you. If you own a business, or are competing in the NPC or similar, or generally winning at life, some will attempt to smear your name and your brand and your reputation. I say let them. You know why? Because it's self-destructive. Let them continue on their downward spiral. People will see and hear what they are doing, and when you don't partake, it only serves to make them look even more foolish. Responding to them is like pouring fuel on fire, not to mention it gives them attention and 15 minutes of fame. Why give them exposure? Why waste your time? Every minute you spend focused on them only derails you. It brings you down to their level. You lose. They win.

TO THE HATERS, FANS AND RAVING FANS: In life, if you truly don't like someone or something, then outwork them. Beat them. That speaks volumes. All the rest is silly.




  • Tim Banford

    As always Tim, no doubt agree. Time is the most precious and valuable commodity. And a lot of people owe me my time back!

  • Tim Reed

    Well said! 100% agree. Don’t give someone the time of day unless they are worth it. Time, after all, is our most precious asset. As you get older you realize that more and more. Give your time to the right people. Give it to your goals. Give it to the ones who give you theirs and enjoy yours. Don’t waste it on negativity and negative people. “Spend” your time wisely, and you will be “rich”..

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