Does the Fire Still Burn?

It's time for an internal "check up from the neck up!"


Are you TRAINING or are you WORKING OUT? Does the raging fire and burning aspirations that once got you started still exist? Or are you content and just going through the motions?

We've all seen it time and time again, that guy or girl in the gym that's at the gym day after day, week after week, month after month and never physically changes. I want to remind you all of the definition of INSANITY:

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome." -Albert Einstein.

We all got started in the gym for different reasons. Pain. Pleasure. Self esteem. Health. Endless reasons.....

Sooner or later, that raging fire gets extinguished to a candle flicker. Whether or not you are currently feeling this way, we all can use a change of pace, a complete mix up of the norm, something to shock our body and reinvigorate our minds!

THE ONLY THEME CONSTANT IN YOUR PROGRAMMING SHOULD BE CHANGE! You need to constantly shock the body, keep it guessing. If not, your body will adapt, recruit less muscle fiber to actually do the movement and your specific adaptation to the imposed demand will be severely diminished!

I will do anything in the gym to succeed. I don't care what the intensity is, the suffering is, or the pain is....As long as there is a reward from it! But, I will not waste my time, nor my energy, for zero reward. I'd rather skip the gym and use my time elsewhere if I don't get a reward from my investment of time!


-Train your weakest / most lagging body parts first in the week when you are fresh. Monday doesn't have to always be "International Chest Day!'
-Jump in for a week on someone else's workouts. Your body has adapted to the specific, imposed demand you regularly and routinely apply. Shock it with new stimulus and break yourself!
-Pre-exhaust with isolation movements before compound movements
-Slow down the movement! Shock the body with Tempo Training! Try 4 second controlled negatives with a one second pause at the top and bottom of the movement
-Change your body part groupings, rep scheme, rest periods, etc.
-Try adding drop sets, strip sets, giant sets, etc.
-Download some new music
-Go buy some new gym gear
-Pop in a new gym for the day, mix it up with something new and fresh
-Design a new meal plan for your goals that gets you excited and bought in to the upcoming change!

Looking for a fresh body part split? Here is one of my favorites. It's built to allow you to train 5 days in a row without working around previous muscle soreness that inhibits your training for that day.

Day 1: Chest, Abs, Obliques
Day 2: Quads, Hams, Calves
Day 3: Delts, Traps, Obliques, Abs
Day 4: Bicep, Tricep, Forearms, Calves
Day 5: Back, Traps, Rear Delts

I love this split!! Give it a try. Rest 2 days to really come back fresh and strong and switch up everything again except for the body parts being trained!

I want to leave you guys with my most favorite motivational training video...and no, it's not me ranting and raving!!

This post isn't just about the gym. Think about your life, your relationships, your job. Are you still as committed as you were on day one? If not? What do you need to do to get back to that day one grind?!

Look around you, who are you surrounded by? Surround yourself with people that are committed to the same goals that you are, and people that have attained the life that you desire. Whether it's the gym, your job, your family life, don't be content with where you are. 

No matter if you are an IFBB pro, a millionaire or just starting out, always be learning and ALWAYS BE GRINDING!!

PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS OR FEEDBACK OR QUESTIONS! I love feedback and value hearing from you all!

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