Part 2: Leg Day Preparations and a Killer Leg Program


 Leg workouts have very important pre-game preparations. Nobody should ever outwork you. If you ever get beat, it better only be by somebody purely more talented. I won’t even consider a leg day unless I am geared up for battle and firing on all cylinders. If you aren’t, I would train something else or take a rest day and get after it next day. It’s that important.


 Mental and physical preparations:


  • 7 hours sleep minimum, night prior
  • Carbohydrate meal at last meal of night prior and day of
  • At least 2 meals minimum next day prior to legs (I train mornings)
  • Hot bath (if time allows) to loosen up hips and back and knees
  • Pre-dose ibuprofen that morning
  • Stims, but not too strong. I prefer 4 shots espresso 30 minutes prior
  • Muffin one hour before if following a lower carb diet. Or a non-stim pump supp
  • Good music on way to gym, and loaded up for leg session
  • Red t-shirt (Tom Platz style, red is known to increase aggression, rage and fury)
  • 10 minutes stretch time
  • Preferably a partner to suffer with and push each other

 Yes, I do all this, and I still don’t call myself the bodybuilder I used to be. Trust me, somebody out there is already outworking you.


(Assess your level of experience and how much stimulus you need to grow. This is a brutal one. Not for beginners). Modify what’s necessary for your individual level.

 90 seconds to 120 seconds rest period between sets, MAX!!

2 second negative phase, slow and controlled, nothing sloppy or explosive

Pick a moderately heavy weight and plan on reaching failure


*Lying leg curls – feet all the way together, prop up on elbows to eliminate glute popping to assist

3 sets, 20 reps, 15 reps, 12 reps


One final set – Half reps, top half of contraction to half way down, slow and controlled x 30 reps x 1 set

(Focus on intense and heated / painful contraction and pump)


*One legged leg extensions (eliminates hip drive)

3 sets of 20 reps

Toes slightly turned out to hit teardrop – 3 second negative phase, and 1 second paused contraction at top of movement


*Plate loaded leg press -

Feet shoulder width apart, toes straight, middle of platform

50 reps

40 reps

30 reps

20 reps

10 reps

*100 reps (yes 100) When you get to 90, slow down movement for a 3 second eccentric and concentric phase each way. These final 10 reps add 1 minute to the set and will make you a mental giant.



*Plate loaded V squat or hack squat machine – Face into machine, forehead on pad, shoulder pad on shoulders, hug machine back base, keep chest high. Feet should be as wide as possible, toes turned out, and at very bottom of platform

3 sets of 30 reps


*Smith Machine Squats – use flat bench or box platform to mark depth, stance about 1 foot wider than shoulder stance, toes slightly out, and feet forward so at bottom of movement you are at 90 degree angle

3 sets of 15 reps (4 second negative, 1 second controlled pause at bottom (no rest, I should be able to pull bench out from underneath you) and then drive up to top.


*Super wide stiff legged deadlifts

Toes turned out, feet as wide as possible until toes are almost touching plates on Olympic bar. This uses your hips for a base, not lower back, Very narrow grip

3 sets of 15 reps


*Calf raises on Selectorized leg press – always drive off the ball of your big toe

Toes straight, toes in, toes out (3 sets total x 50 reps each set)


*Seated calf raises – driving off ball of big toe

Toes straight, toes in, toes out (3 sets x 30 reps each set)


There you have it! Legs 101. Easier said than done.

 -Hit me back! Let me know how it goes!!

 -Tim Banford

Owner, The Grind Athletics

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