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Don't Feed the Trolls

The Grind Athletics stands for a culture of hard work. Of paying your dues. We don't believe in shortcuts. We don't believe in the easy way. Hell, if it was easy, most've us wouldn't even be interested in acquiring it. Hard work works. Period. We find as much reward in the process as in the prize. We embrace the pain, discipline and sacrifice because we know it is building us into even bigger mental and physical beasts. Every damn day we grind; alone, in the dark, no matter who is watching. Time is all we need. We are internally driven and internally disciplined. You might not be a millionaire...yet. You might not have your dream physique...yet. You might not be...

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Every day, I get a little more and more disappointed and disenchanted by today's society in general. It seems that manners, ethics, morals, values, integrity, honesty and being a decent fucking human being are slowly dying. I consider myself an individual. My own man. Unique. I don’t fit into any certain mold or genre and don’t want to. But I will never negate the core values of the good ol’ fashioned days and the good ol’ fashioned ways.  The world I come from is a world where you stand up to shake a man or woman’s hand, look them in the eye and have proper and courteous introductions. I will never forget a very significant emotional experience I personally had...

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Does the Fire Still Burn?

It's time for an internal "check up from the neck up!"HONEST QUESTION:Are you TRAINING or are you WORKING OUT? Does the raging fire and burning aspirations that once got you started still exist? Or are you content and just going through the motions?We've all seen it time and time again, that guy or girl in the gym that's at the gym day after day, week after week, month after month and never physically changes. I want to remind you all of the definition of INSANITY:"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome." -Albert Einstein.We all got started in the gym for different reasons. Pain. Pleasure. Self esteem. Health. Endless reasons.....Sooner or later, that raging fire gets...

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