Business/Lifestyle Coaching - One hour phone call

$ 150.00
$ 150.00
The age old question: "Can I pick your brain?"

Well, now you can!

Own an apparel / e-commerce brand? Need to level up? Or thinking about starting one?

Save yourself hundreds of hours of wasted effort and tens of thousands of dollars of mistakes from someone who built a multi-million dollar apparel brand.

No matter what stage you are in, I can help you. No need to sign up for an expensive program or a mass coaching group.

I offer one on one coaching phone calls "a la carte." Book an hour call when you need one, let me know how I can help, I'll do my research and homework on the stage you are in and put together a winning strategy.

When you are ready for another call, book again! It's that simple and that affordable.

I look forward to talking with you!
Step 1 - sign up for your 1 hour call. 
Step 2 - be on the lookout for the email to sign up for your call on my calendar. 
Step 3- confirm your appointment and you are all set. 

*If there is any personal or professional development I can help you with, unrelated to apparel / e-commerce, I offer that as well! Shoot me an email at and I will let you know if it's in my wheelhouse. If you are here, you likely already know the skillset I possess.

Customer Reviews

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Andre Braun

I cannot put into words the amount of value I got out of my call with Tim. He probably saved me months of work and research with the knowledge he shared. I went from making a couple of sales here and there to now having daily sales coming in. He really puts a lot of time into research for you ahead of the call and then helps you come up with a plan to grow. I highly recommend booking a call with him whether you're thinking of starting a brand or looking to expand what you already have.

Shawn Rice
Worth it!

We had the pleasure of working with Tim today during our conference call. Needless to say, Tim knows his stuff inside and out. He probably saved us years of research, trial and error, as well as thousands of dollars. He catered to our own personal needs and questions, not just spitting out big picture ideas that you have heard hundreds of times. I’ll definitely be using g Tim again as a coach as my wife and I continue this journey.