Welcome to the Grind Family!

The Grind Athletics was born and bred on the sandy coast of North Carolina in 2015 by my wife Taylor and I. 

We wanted to build clothing that spoke to our souls and truly represented who we are to our deepest core. I've always felt my best when my outside shell reflects who I am on the inside. What you see here is a cumulation of past and present influences, built by us, for you!

We are mix of gym gear, streetwear and lifestyle wear. You are just as likely to see someone flying by on a motorcycle rocking Grind, as you are to see it in the gym.

Together, we set out to build. Create. Be different. Blaze our own trail. Be influenced by no one. The plan was to innovate. Not imitate. To hand draw our designs and screen print by hand. We wanted to cut, sew, crop, serge, stud and patch our creations, get our hands "dirty" with the brand, to be fully immersed.

We are old school. We value the sanctity of family. Working hard. Raising our children the right way. Loving our great Nation. Leading with action versus words. Speaking truths. 

You might not have your dream physique, yet. You might not be where you want to be in life, yet. But if you can say that you are working your ass off to be the best you can in life, then you are part of the GRIND culture.

One life to live. Seek & destroy. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we are all about.

Much Respect,

-Tim & Taylor