Grind Athletics was born and bred out of the Gold's Gyms in Eastern North Carolina. It was born to represent the GRINDERS in the gym, paying their dues day after day no matter what life throws at them. We are not just a company that sells clothing. We pay tribute to a culture that represents the select few that Grind hard, chasing their dreams.....doing the work others won't so they can look like others don't. You would have to kill a Grinder to get them to stop. It's in their blood. It's who they are. 

THE GRIND ATHLETICS represents a sick ass style that pays tribute to the Grinders. We are full of American Pride, and the 10 Gold's Gym's we were born out of are full of the toughest people I have ever met; military personnel. That is why we incorporated the flag into our logo. Grind- to perform repetitive actions over and over in order to attain a goal..... Welcome to the grind!!!!!

Thanks for the support! Welcome to the culture!